Slavery in Virginia can be located off by its establishment as an English colony. Virginia is one of the states in the United States that received the highest number of slaves. African workers who worked in the lands were first imported in early 1600. After the 1654 trial on slave John, Casor, slavery was confined. Slaves escaped Union army`s lines for freedom, forcing the U.S to form a consistent policy concerning equality.  However, other slaves on their home plantations and farms. This gave them opportunity to earn some measure on their families. Slavery wars represented the strong desires for freedom through the Union army liberation (Martinez 2011).

In the 17th century, there were large numbers of slaves that were brought by the Dutch. English ships also ferried many Black slaves to Virginia. This is because Virginia was an English colony. Maryland received a considerable number of slaves and other colonies to the south. Most of the slaves in Virginia worked as laborers in farms such as, tobacco and cotton plantations. Moreover, the agricultural production helped to feed both civilians and soldiers. The main agricultural products were wheat, corn, and other food crops. Notably, Confederacy mostly hired male slaves for industrial labor and military. Therefore, women slaves in Virginia fell on the agricultural work. The Antebellum period denotes the period that Virginia’s economy increased due to slavery practices (Martinez 2011).

Other slaves were hired to work in army hospitals as nurses, cooks and in laundries. Churches in Virginia denied slaves freedom of worship demanding master`s permission of the slaves. For instance, the First Baptist Church at Charlottesville polled to give slaves a separate area in the basement for worship. Virginia`s slaves obtained their freedom as soon as the Union army of liberation took control of Fort Monroe. The American Civil war in 1861 to 1865 led to the limitation of Virginia slavery (Costa 2005). Most of the slaves escaped with their families.

Freedom for slaves began when individuals started acquiring their freedom. Some slaves started gaining freedom through escaping, encouraging their own enterprise, and violence within their owners families. Majority of the slaves who escaped lived comfortably in Great Dismal Swamp maroons. In conclusion, slavery in Virginia impacted enormously on the Black Americans who worked in families and agricultural plantations. However, slavery for the slaves saw a reduction in conflicts within Virginia and other rapidly growing states.

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