One of the greatest challenges facing modern firms is decision making, especially in the area of sales and marketing. However, there are different approaches to curb the situation and help in effective decision making in favor of the firm. This essay focuses on providing the relevant steps to follow for any firm caught up in a decision making quagmire. The analysis provided here is based on the decisions of an excellent and experienced salesperson making efforts to maintain customers and at the same time, convincing them to buy at the firms selling price despite their reputation of buying low.

Dealing with customers who have a reputation of making huge orders at a relevant low price is the challenge that any sales person experiences. However, the best approach to follow when such a scenario is encountered is the use of adaptive selling. This approach ensures that a presentation strategy is established. The strategy involves outlining the objectives and establishing a way of attaining them. It also ensures that the firm’s commitment in meeting customer services is renewed. One of the first thing to do is trying to win the customers confidence. This is possible through the type of goods the firm offers. Quality goods that meet customer specification are a stepping stone in winning the customers loyalty. Establishing a good reputation with the customer is also essential in building the customers file. Faced with a challenge as the one discussed above, preparing a presentation to present during the meeting is critical in convincing the customer of the quality of your firm’s product. This is done through comparing and contrasting your product line with those of fellow competitors. Since the firm is involved in the production of quality wear, a team sale comes in hand where all individuals that play a role in production are involved. When the relationship of the sellers, the product and customer strategy are correctly reviewed, a strategic approach of sale is achieved. After the above steps are followed, approach to the customer would be simple. The presentation should focus on upholding the credibility of the firm. This is further enhanced by the competence of sales manager. Some of the other tactics that the sales person can take to ensure that the presentation is a success include making telephone contact, use of voice mail, emails and social contact. The demonstration should be straight forward and have a business contact.

 To create a value added presentation, avoid sales call reluctance. The presentation should be carried out with confidence and without the fear of rejection. The reluctance can be avoided by developing a positive attitude towards the outcome. A deep commitment to the final goal is also required to ensure the presentation is kept on track. The approach sets the tone of the discussion. Therefore, one should prepare questions that are in line with the product review. During the presentation, the sales person should center on the relevant question of the product to the user. Recording the response from the customer is also useful as it helps to improve the quality of the product. Customer needs should also be recognized, summarized and stored to help in creating the customer’s profile with the firm for future references. In the case above, the sales person should use persuasion technique to convince the user to buy at the firm’s price. This is after an effective presentation demonstrating the quality of the products on offer and why they outdo those of the competitors’. One should also establish the buyer’s motive. For example, the buyer may be buying in bulk but at a low price to give the competitor an added advantage. It is also essential for the seller to use SPIN tailored questions. This type of questions is meant to match the benefits with the buying motive. The questions are also meant to be informative, persuasive and act as a reminder. If this is done combined with effective demonstrations, the smart group will definitely convince the buyer. Trying to minimize the negative impact of change will increase the sell benefits.

An effective way to build a strong and lasting relationship with the buyer is enhancing the quality of the customer services that we provide. Different departments can be enhanced to work together to better the services offered to the customer. Since the sales and marketing department is involved in reaching out and persuading the customer, it should get support from other departments such as finance to facilitate its operations. Other departments such as the production department can increase their rate of production to reach the buyer’s demand. This can be empowered by the human resource department improving the inputs of production. Different customers have different expectations. In the case of SmartLook, providing the customer with after sales service will not only cement the relationship, but it’s an enticing way of convincing the buyer to buy at the firm’s selling price. Selling in bulk as was the buyers demand will ensure that profits made can cater for the customer services offered by the firm.

After scheduling a meeting with the customer, it is relevant to endeavor to reach a mutually satisfactory deal between the buyer and the seller. This is done after a careful negotiation. Negotiation is an effective tool of ensuring that the value of the product is enhanced. The ability to negotiate effectively ensures that trust is built between the consenting parties. Focusing on meeting the buyer’s concerns is another tactic that the sales person can use to win the confidence of the buyer. As a sales person, considering the pricing and the delivery time of the product is critical. Doing this effectively will change the customers response towards the need of the product. The benefits of the product are well outlined to the customer, and conditioned responses are reduced. The fears of the customer that the product may not be popular, or the associate may not like the product are curbed when the sales person applies this strategy. There are various principles of negotiating that can also be applied to curb buyer resistance. The trial that the buyer places can be used as a stronghold for the seller to win the buyer’s confidence. The fact that the seller cannot be able to produce the goods within the required time span should not be a barrier to convincing the buyer. Here, different strategies are used such as telling the buyer that the production is slow since the design process is involving to ensure that quality products are produced.

Since buyers may have price and quality concerns, experienced sellers can be able to handle this issues by use of effective negotiation. Operating within the constraints of their budget, they can still convince the buyer to place the order with them by offering discounts. However, selling at a loss to avoid losing the buyer is not an option. The seller can demonstrate the difference between the price and the cost to make the user understand why the firm cannot sell below a certain amount per unit. The relationship between the price and the quality also comes in handy at this point. The buyer has no option of looking for another supplier after this convincing is done.

It can be seen that preparing a way of convincing the buyer beforehand is an effective way to enhance a business relationship. Persuading the buyer through offering favorable discounts and after sale services is also an effective way of ensuring the seller maintains the buyer. As seen from this case, quality of service that the firm offers is essential in cementing the relationship between the two.

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